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Copper Chimney


12 months





,, If it’s your best friend’s birthday today, you’re already late with a conventional gift. Don’t worry - grab the Copper Chimney e-gift card and gift your friend an unforgettable, mind-blowing gastronomic experience! Your friend will never complain that you forget his or her birthday again. Never.
,, Copper Chimney is a boon for lovers of Indian North West Frontier cuisine. While entering Copper Chimney, one is assaulted by the delicious smells of secret spices and fragrant herbs used by masterful hands. The very ambience of this restaurant is a trip down the lane for nostalgic souls. That’s because Copper Chimney cooks food in the old way, fragrant biryanis cooking in dough-sealed pots. The copper and brass pots and pans shine in the kitchen, even as cooks toss handmade Indian breads into the tandoori oven. It’s a magical place that makes old India come alive again.


  1. E-Voucher will be delivered within 24 to 48 business hours
  2. The e-gift card is Non-reloadable.
  3. This e-gift card cannot be exchanged for Cash/Gift Cards/Credit Notes.
  4. Protect the e-gift card number and PIN to avoid misuse and treat it like cash. Blue Foods shall not assume any liability in case the card PIN gets stolen/compromised. Blue Foods shall neither replace the e-gift card nor refund cash.
  5. Only valid e-gift card would be accepted.

,, This e-gift card needs to be used in full. In case the value of the service exceeds the value of e-gift card, the difference shall be paid by the bearer. No refunds / credit note shall be issued for unused part of the e-gift card.


12 months